Cash For Diabetic Test Strips

3 Simple Steps To Get Paid For Your Diabetic Test Supplies

sell my diabetic test strips

1. First step is to contact us by filling out our form here on our website or you can give us a call directly at:


sell my diabetic medical supplies

2. Once we have a conversation, we’ll give you an unbeatable quote and schedule a time for pick up if you’re local. If you’re not local, we’ll send you out a pre-paid shipping kit.

cash for diabetic medical supplies

3. We will pay you cash in hand for local pickups! If mailed, as soon as we receive and inspect the diabetic supplies, we’ll pay you within 24 hours!

Sell Diabetic Testing Supplies

Quite often, people who have diabetes have a a lot of extra diabetic test strips due to many different reasons. In most cases, they usually just throw their leftover products in the trash.

What a lot of people don’t know is that someone else living with diabetes could use and benefit from those same diabetic test strips and diabetic supplies, because everyone cannot afford to pay full retail price for test strips.

Our mission is to connect people living with diabetes who need affordable testing supplies with the extra diabetic supplies that we purchase. This accomplishes two things:

  1. We’re able to make extremely expensive diabetic supplies more cost effective.
  2. We’re able to put cash in your hands right when you need it the most!

Grandstand Med Supply offers the highest cash payouts across the board, and it’s one of the reasons why we are your number one trusted company to buy your diabetic test supplies.

Concerned clients want to know… Is buying and selling diabetic test strips and diabetic medical supplies legal?

Fortunately for us and the wonderful people we do business with everyday like yourself, the answer is YES!

When you visit any pharmacy at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid etc. and buy products that are sold over the counter without a prescription, by law you are allowed to sell those items if you need to, making it available for us to buy from you.

We Pay Cash For Diabetic Test Strips

Generally, when people realize that they have unexpired and unopened diabetic test strips or other products, they usually head over to a free site like Craigslist or OfferUp for example, to try and sell their diabetic test strips in their local area. They might do a google search for “who buys test strips near me”, assuming they’re going about it the right way.

However, that can be sort of risky, arranging to meet strangers that they have spoken to just a few times over an email online.

So if you’d rather not sell your items in person, we have a safe and easier alternative. Mail us your diabetic testing supplies, and let Grandstand Med Supply put cold hard cash in your pocket!

Not only do you get more cash in exchange for your test strips and insulin supplies fast, but you’re also helping and benefiting the community at large. Working with us is a great way to give back and be a blessing to others who need your supplies.

With the estimated 34 million people living in the United States with diabetes, an alarming high number of those people do not have health insurance. With the cost of living and steady rising costs of health care each year, it has become nearly impossible to afford diabetic testing supplies out of pocket.

Grandstand Med Supply’s sole mission is to buy as much diabetic test strips and supplies as possible so we can get them in the hands of those who can use them and need them the most. We are committed to being the absolute best company you can sell your diabetic test strips to, and we offer you the highest amount of cash for test strips in the industry, with the fastest payout and best communication over any other company out there. Believe it or not, we actually answer our phone when you call unlike some of the other companies in your area!

We Accept Most Major Brands

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